Barney Frank Flounders

Frank Crimi in American Thinker Congressman Barney Frank is in the fight of his political life. In the latest National Journal Political Insider’s Poll, surveying 111 Democrat operatives, over two-thirds of the respondents believed Democrats will lose control of the House of Representatives after the November 2010 election. Underscoring the apprehension held by the polled insiders was their added belief that the losses would extend beyond moderate “Blue Dog” lawmakers to include a number of prominent progressive representatives. Conventional wisdom had long held the most likely Democrat victims in the House would come from the ranks of these forty or so conservative Blue Dogs. However, 2010 has proven to be a very unconventional political year. Keeping in line with the National Journal poll, political analyst Charlie Cook shows up to eighty congressional Democrat seats in serious play, which adds further proof that a good many progressive lawmakers seem destined to meet the same fate as their more moderate colleagues. “Tsunami” has been the word most often employed by pundits to describe the projected electoral beating Democrats are poised to suffer

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Reid’s November Nightmare

Frank Crimi in FrontPage It’s not easy being Senator Harry Reid these days. First, the four-term incumbent finds himself locked in a desperate reelection campaign against Republican Sharon Angle, with polls showing the race a statistical dead heat. Now, he has to go on television to remind Nevada voters to please not hold him accountable for their economic woes. Apparently, many of them were under the mistaken impression that Reid, as Senate Majority Leader in partnership with a Democratic House and President, would have some role in shaping national economic policy. However, in an interview with Jonathan Karl of ABC news, Reid was quick to disabuse anyone of that notion when he said “You know I had nothing to do with the massive foreclosures here. You know I had nothing to do with these unemployment figures…I think it’s a stretch to think I caused the problems with this economy.” Now, for a politician to take credit during a rollicking good economy and begin pointing fingers when it tanks is usually par for the course. In that regard, Reid may be forgiven for trying to

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