Chuck Schumer Forces the Question: What to Do with Insane Liberals?

Chuck Schumer Forces the Question: What to Do with Insane Liberals?

The initial case for housing progressives in internment camps was floated shortly after Trump’s victory by feverish leftist minds convinced that his first presidential act would be to imprison or even kill anyone who stood in the way of his hellacious agenda.  Although President-Elect Trump dismissed the notion, perhaps hopeful that the fire of progressive insanity his election had unleashed would eventually burn itself out, he might be wise to reconsider the idea, as liberal lunacy has gone from flickering to supernova.

The latest blast of Democrat dementia came courtesy of Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, whose descent into madness bottomed out in a New York City restaurant after he spied longtime Democratic Party power couple Joseph Califano and his wife Hilary.

Despite Hilary Califano’s liberal pedigree, she had openly admitted to voting for Trump, an act of progressive heresy so great that the sight of the apostate was enough to prompt the erratic Schumer to go over and loudly berate her, in a scene so unpleasant that it forced the couple to cut short their meal and head for the exit.

Schumer’s harangue was incomplete, so naturally he followed the Califanos onto the sidewalk and began yelling repeatedly, “She voted for Trump!  How could you vote for Trump?  He’s a liar!”

Eerily reminiscent of the scene from Marathon Man – where the Holocaust survivor shouts attention to the Nazi war criminal walking her streets – Schumer’s Trump j’accuse  in midtown Manhattan carried the same potential for street justice as a Nazi accusation delivered in an Hassidic neighborhood.

Thankfully, the Califanos were able to escape mob violence by their refusal to acknowledge the bug-eyed Schumer – a wise decision, considering the inherent suicidal risks in confronting crazy, even if the loon in question is wearing not a tinfoil hat, but instead the crown of the Democratic Party.

To be fair, Schumer has been toeing an emotional line when it comes to Donald Trump, having been driven to public tears only months earlier by the president’s executive order to temporarily restrict immigration from seven terrorist-infested Muslim countries.

While President Trump openly mocked Schumer’s weep-fest, the presidential jab was not delivered on partisan grounds, but rather couched in tough love.  After all, public tears for a man should be used judiciously – for a child’s birth, anything combat-related, or hitting a long odds superfecta – not to protest a ban on ISIS thugs coming into the country to bomb a suburban mall.

Sadly, Senator Schumer’s mental collapse is just one screwy part of a broader liberal crackup that, like watching a Fellini film on acid, offers up a daily montage of vagina-costumed women, gender-confused snowflakes, and other oddities.

The irony is the cast of this progressive carnival sideshow has called President Trump’s mental state into question, which is like the director of a psychiatric facility being clinically diagnosed insane by the patients in the persistent delusional disorder ward.

Despite that odd inconsistency, it’s been fairly easy to this point for the casual onlooker to dismiss the collective liberal nervous breakdown as the product of a frail leftist psyche exacerbated by a lost presidential election, at worst a harmless source of minor irritation and at best a font of great laughter.  Nevertheless, the sight of the Democrat Senate minority leader reduced to a frothing street lunatic raises legitimate concerns that public safety is now in peril – a disconcerting prospect that regrettably warrants serious thought to rounding up the whole unhinged progressive herd.

Now, a few of the weak-kneed may suggest such recourse would trigger a bloody civil war and instead offer up a participation trophy of sorts to mollify progressive angst, like the occasional General Mike Flynn scalp.  Yet, despite the recent spate of leftist street protests, it’s unlikely that the average progressive snowflake’s response to such an action would cause much uproar.  Despite liberal comparisons of Trump to Hitler, it’s hard to imagine them standing up to true despots, like Iranian mullahs, who routinely toss gays off rooftops, or Kim Jong-un, who executes political prisoners with anti-aircraft guns.

The safe bet is that they would quickly get in line to avoid a similar fate, an indication of why they feel free to attack safe targets, like the Amish, and not those who fight back.  In fact, such imaginary fear only reinforces their insanity and heightens the danger they pose, making calls for their imprisonment even more urgent.

In fact, such a call won’t lead to a violent conflagration; rather, it more than likely would be welcomed with open arms by the soon to be captives, as it appeals to the current liberal propensity for safe spaces.  In this Age of Microaggression, where unwanted exposure to people with differing ideas or beliefs triggers the emotionally unstable to seek safe haven, the newly constructed giant psychiatric playpens will support the protection of the hypersensitive.  As such, the camps can be made eco-friendly and diversity-tolerant, all geared to allow the brittle leftists a place to live out their Marxist fantasies in an unblemished utopia without the ugly reality of truth descending on them.

While such a confinement would be a strong first step toward restoring national sanity, some may still insist it to be a bridge too far, given that complete Republican government control has taken the scissors out of Democrat hands, effectively lessening their chances to do any great damage.

Moreover, given the addled legislative Democrat bench, which has former Saturday Night Live comedian and current senator Al Franken widely touted as the premier 2020 Democrat presidential star, their party’s time in the political wilderness could be longer than the ancient Israelites’ circumvention of the Sinai.

The disturbing thought of shaky Democrat hands once more grasping the levers of political power makes the mind reel at the type of legislative changes progressives would enact for their imposed time in the wilderness.  After all, unlike Republicans, who talk a good game about governance but fold when put to the test, Democrats are the kamikaze pilots of political warfare, willing to sacrifice their political fortunes to the progressive cause, evidenced by their fiery implosion to pass Obamacare.  The GOP is ill equipped to match such fanaticism.

Worse, a Democrat return to power would bring with it serious payback – revenge that would most likely find its form in their own efforts to lock up Trump supporters, given that Maoist-style reeducation camps remain a favored progressive staple, one already field-tested by Democrat FDR’s confinement of the Japanese during World War II.

After all, in leftist eyes, Trump’s election was a sign that history had errantly veered from the dead-end wall of Marxism toward the unsettling open road of self-determination.  Progressives are salivating at the chance to set that script right.

With the stakes that high, it’s now well past time to dust off the incarceration playbook and strike while the iron is hot.  After all, it’s better to be safe than to find yourself one day eating a meal in the same restaurant as Senator Chuck Schumer.

Frank Crimi is the author of Divine Roosters & Angry Clowns.  He can be reached at

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