The Secret Service and a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The Secret Service and a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

A rash of troublesome Secret Service incidents makes for a disaster-filled recipe when placed next to the violence-laced menu offering being served up to President Trump by an unhinged progressive mob.

The latest Secret Service problems surfaced when a laptop stolen from an agent’s car parked in front of her home reportedly contained floor and evacuation plans of Trump Tower, residence to the president’s wife and ten-year-old son.

Although the Secret Service insisted that the pinched laptop contained no classified information, it nevertheless launched an investigation, which, given its other recent security lapses, added yet another inclusion to an already full investigative docket.

That logbook includes a midnight intrusion onto the White House grounds by Jonathan Tran, a self-described schizophrenic, who managed to scale three separate barriers before reaching the Executive Mansion, where President Trump was home at the time.

Apparently, Tran, like a tourist separated from a guided walking tour, wandered the White House grounds undetected for nearly twenty minutes, going so far as to look through the windows of the residence and “rattle the door knobs” before being detained by the Secret Service.

Despite Tran’s assurances that he was simply at the White House for a scheduled appointment with the president, the midnight hour coupled with Tran’s backpack filled with cans of mace led skeptical agents to skip issuance of a stern warning and instead place him under arrest.

Days later, the near home invasion saw the apprehension of an unidentified person trying to scale a White House barricade, followed hours later by a man who drove up to an Executive Mansion checkpoint claiming he had a bomb in his car.

While the Secret Service firmly maintained that the president’s safety was never compromised, it did acknowledge that it would shore up security at the White House – added precautions that, given the litany of transpired events, could include a request from Mr. Trump that he be equipped with a panic alarm keychain and holstered stun gun.  Such a presidential demand wouldn’t be too unreasonable, especially given the Facebook post in 2016 of Secret Service agent Kerry O’Grady, who said she would rather go to jail than take a bullet for then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

To be fair, protecting the life of a president is a daunting task, open to a lot of Monday-morning quarterbacking, especially since the presidency comes attached with a huge bullseye, be it from the stray lunatic loner or the concerted, well-organized hit team.  Unfortunately for President Trump, that stenciled target has been neon-lit by a crazed, hate-filled media narrative fully in play since the day he announced his presidential candidacy.

That media Trump Tale stars a protagonist who is an amalgamation of history’s most vile characters – a mentally unbalanced tyrant imbued with the evil leanings of Hitler, the racist predilections of Simon Legree, and the sexual perversions of Caligula.  From there, the leftist storytelling has the Trumpian character, alternately described as either a drooling imbecile or a cleverly diabolical savant, marshaling a legion of odious white nationalists, aided by the Satanic, barrel-chested Vladimir Putin, in a deadly mission to destroy civilization as we know it.

The progressive story arc concludes with the despotic Trump ousted from office, with impeachment and resignation the most commonly noted means, but given the dire circumstances facing the Republic, deadlier measures necessarily left on the table.

Those lethal progressive fantasies emerged in the first few days following Trump’s inauguration cloaked in “news stories” like the CNN report entitled “What if Trump is assassinated?” and in network family programming storylines filled with presidential assassination.

While the rush to embrace presidential killing has found most attention focused on the utterances by luminaries embedded in the citadels of journalism and entertainment, any average, off-center progressive with a social media platform can spew the same violent stew, demonstrated by the more than 12,000 tweets which called for President Trump’s assassination in the weeks following his inauguration.

Not surprisingly, this full-throated roar of Trump Derangement Syndrome has grown shriller and more effective with each passing day, creating a poisonous landscape where physical leftist fury levied against the president and his supporters is now given a free media pass.

While this is unsettling in its own right, such unchecked destructive insanity  become even more problematic, given that the Secret Service, the Praetorian Guard entrusted with protecting President Trump from this lunatic assault, has been operating at less than full speed for several years.  Whether through overwork, attrition, personal scandals or sheer incompetence, chinks in the Secret Service armor began to publicly show in a 2012 presidential visit to Columbia by then-president Obama, which saw a dozen Secret Service agents become embroiled in a prostitution scandal.  The liquor- and harlot-fueled security detail raised concerns with more sober-minded agency officials, who fretted that agents openly consorting with hookers could open themselves up to blackmail and affect their primary duty of protecting the president.

That dereliction of duty led to an investigation by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee – an inquiry that, by 2015, found that since 2005 nearly 150 “security breaches or attempted breaches” had occurred in facilities supposedly secured by the Secret Service.

Moreover, the report also included other acts of malfeasance, which included a 2014 fence-jumper who entered the White House armed with a knife before being apprehended and a 2015 incident in which two high-level Secret Service agents drove blindly drunk into a White House barricade after a night of partying.

With the public spotlight fully turned on, Secret Service agents began to find other avenues of employment, evidence noted in a 2016 report by the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general that cited agents leaving the agency faster than they could be replaced.

Now, amid a politically charged public vendetta being levied against the president, understandable concerns have been raised about the Secret Service’s ability to protect him from a solitary nutcase, a gang of terrorists, or even a badly aging rap star.

That latter threat arose recently in a music video starring Snoop Dogg – a musically instructive skit with cartoonish-sounding gunshot effects that showed him assassinating a clown-faced Donald Trump stand-in.

For some reason, the artistic form of free expression failed to amuse President Trump, who responded by highlighting the utter hypocrisy governing the leftist-fueled orgy of hate by noting  the apocalyptic outrage that would have ensued if a similar stunt had been directed at President Obama.

Naturally, the addled response from the progressive bench was to direct its animus at Trump for attacking his enemies, a sentiment artfully expressed by fellow rapper and deep thinker Shad Bow Wow.  In a tweet that could have been lifted from the pages of Proust, Shad Bow Wow offered a manly defense of Snoop Dogg’s actions by setting his sights on First Lady Melania Trump: “Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking [s—] about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”

The witty repartee of sexual assault by Shad Bow Wow aside, it makes one pause to consider the inevitable endgame that will occur when these unending and sickening clarion calls land upon the receptive ear of someone unbalanced enough to carry them out.

If that day comes, rest assured that one shouldn’t expect a round of deep reflection and apology from those who have been leading the deadly commands, but instead brace for a simple shrug, followed by a sharp lesson that President Trump had it coming.

Frank Crimi is the author of Divine Roosters & Angry Clowns.  He can be reached at

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