Reid’s November Nightmare

Frank Crimi in FrontPage It’s not easy being Senator Harry Reid these days. First, the four-term incumbent finds himself locked in a desperate reelection campaign against Republican Sharon Angle, with polls showing the race a statistical dead heat. Now, he has to go on television to remind Nevada voters to please not hold him accountable for their economic woes. Apparently, many of them were under the mistaken impression that Reid, as Senate Majority Leader in partnership with a Democratic House and President, would have some role in shaping national economic policy. However, in an interview with Jonathan Karl of ABC news, Reid was quick to disabuse anyone of that notion when he said “You know I had nothing to do with the massive foreclosures here. You know I had nothing to do with these unemployment figures…I think it’s a stretch to think I caused the problems with this economy.” Now, for a politician to take credit during a rollicking good economy and begin pointing fingers when it tanks is usually par for the course. In that regard, Reid may be forgiven for trying to

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