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The Democrat Party’s corruptive efforts to weaken voter id laws include a Democrat congressman’s son caught on film committing election fraud.

The Democratic Party’s categorical opposition to fair elections has just hit a new, but unsurprising, low. A high-ranking official with Congressman Jim Moran’s re-election campaign was recently caught on video encouraging an undercover reporter to forge documents in order to cast phony ballots in the upcoming Virginia election. The incident is particularly compromising for Congressman Moran, as he has been a vocal opponent of the state’s voter ID law, which is designed to protect against voter fraud. More hypocritically, Moran had been previously caught on film demanding that constituents show their IDs at a local town hall meeting.

Patrick Moran, son of Democratic Virginia Congressman Jim Moran and field director of the congressman’s reelection campaign, was forced to resign after the video was made public. Moran’s transgression was captured in a conversation he had on video with an undercover investigative reporter with Project Veritas, a conservative nonprofit group investigating election fraud in the United States.

The undercover reporter had approached Moran, asking him how he could cast votes on behalf of nearly 100 Virginia residents he knew were registered but who weren’t planning to vote in the upcoming election.

Virginia voter ID law, which does not require photo identification, instead allows voters to cast ballots by providing substitute documents, such as paychecks, library cards, utility bills, and bank statements.

Yet, despite the fraudulent request, Moran counseled the reporter that while there would be “a lot of voter protection” at the polling places to enforce the ID laws, the plan would work if he produced a “utility bill or bank statement…Bank statement would obviously be tough…but faking a utility bill would be easy enough,” adding, “You’d have to forge it.”

Moreover, Moran was also quick to advise that if a problem arose at a polling place, the reporter needn’t worry because his back would be covered by “an Obama for America lawyer, or another Democrat lawyer…on hand to provide help…You’ll have somebody in house, that if they feel that what you have is legitimate, they’ll argue for you.”

Of course, that advice comes as little surprise as the Department of Justice has been working overtime the last several years to strike down or delay from taking effect newly passed state voter ID laws, even though the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of such laws since 2008.

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Elizabeth Warren’s introductory appearance at the Democratic National Convention comes alongside her refusal to meet with Native Americans over her fraudulent claims of American Indian heritage.

Elizabeth Warren’s introductory speech at the Democratic National Convention came with a predictable broadside aimed at Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as a tool of big corporations who wants to “pulverize financial reform, voucher-ize Medicare, and vaporize Obamacare.”

In contrast to the wicked Romney agenda, Warren regaled the assembled Democratic delegates with the comforting notion that President Obama would defend their interests against those evil forces, since Obama “believes in a country where everyone is held accountable.”

Yet, while Warren was extolling the virtues of accountability, her own lack of accountability was glaringly on display in the days leading up to her speech — namely with her refusal to meet with Native Americans over her fraudulent claims of American Indian heritage.

Warren’s attendance at the sit-down had been requested by a contingent of Native Americans attending the DNC, all of whom were hoping to receive an explanation as to why Warren had long misrepresented herself as an American Indian minority.

Warren has been able to parlay her now debunked claim of Cherokee heritage into a distinguished academic law career, current position as a Massachusetts Democratic senatorial candidate, and rising stardom in the Democratic Party. For real Native Americans, however, like those convention attendees in Charlotte, Warren’s bogus claim to Cherokee lineage is a slap in the face to those without her wealth, power and privilege.

According to Frank LeMere, of the Nebraska Winnebago Tribe, Warren “shouldn’t represent that she is Native American. Our issues are too important,” adding he would “absolutely not” back a candidate who lied about being American Indian. Harlyn Geronimo, the great-grandson of the legendary Apache warrior, echoed that view when hesaid, “I wouldn’t vote for anybody that is being dishonest, and unfair to our people.”

Others, like Sharon Stewart-Peregoy, a Montana state senator and member of the Crow Nation, said, “If you’re [Warren] going to claim that you are American Indian and a descendant of some Native nation then you have to represent…That’s what it’s all about.”

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Sharply declining enrollment over the past five years in half the nation’s largest public school districts spells bad news for the union-dominated monopoly of government-run public schools.

Sharply declining enrollment in half the nation’s largest public school districts spells bad news for the union-dominated monopoly of government-run public schools.

School districts in longtime economically stagnant cities like Detroit and Cleveland hemorrhaged the most students, losing 32.1 percent and 17.7 percent, respectively. However, economic stagnation is but one of many reasons for declining student enrollment; factors that also include the collapse of the housing market, declining birthrates, migration from the cities, and increased school violence.

In that latter case, for example, Philadelphia, which saw a 10.2 percent drop in enrollment, reported that over the past five years in Philadelphia’s 268 public schools, 4,000 students, teachers, or other staff members were “beaten, robbed, sexually assaulted, or victims of other violent crimes.”

In Chicago Public Schools, twenty-four students were fatally shot during the 2011-12 school year, with the overall shooting toll at 319, the highest in four years and a nearly 22 percent increase from the previous school year.

Yet, for some school districts, the most compelling reason for student flight was increased competition from charter and private schools. That conclusion was drawn by Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), which saw the third largest student decline of 11.1 percent.

MPS assigned its troubles to Milwaukee’s Parental Choice Program, a school voucher program for poor and middle-income students that has allowed more than 23,000 students to enroll in private schools in and around Milwaukee.

If MPS is disturbed by this trend, the American public at large surely does not share the district’s unease. “We have record-low confidence in our public schools,” observed Kevin Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento. Indeed, Gallup’s annual “Confidence in American Institutions” poll, conducted just last month, revealed that just 29 percent of Americans have confidence in American public schools. This trend is undoubtedly bolstered by the fact that decades of record amounts of money being fed into public school systems have only managed to produce mediocre-to-poor academic results.

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Eleven years after 9/11, the US government is allowing illegal foreign nationals to train at American flight schools.

A new report by the Government Accountability Office shows that eleven years after 9/11, the US government is allowing illegal foreign nationals to train at American flight schools.

The GAO’s findings were delivered before the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security in a hearing that focused on the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) inability to thoroughly screen potential foreign security threats from receiving flight training at American schools.

In particular, the security failure was laid at the doorstep of the TSA’s Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP), a screening program created after 9/11 for non-citizens or permanent residents attempting to enroll at American flight schools.

To that end, foreign applicants undergo a “security threat assessment” to determine whether they pose a known or suspected threat to “transportation or national security; airline or passenger security; or civil aviation security.”

Once applicants are cleared for flight training by AFSP, they can then obtain a pilot’s license or certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration, which relies on the TSA for conducting criminal and immigration background checks on foreign national student pilots.

Yet, in many instances, it was found that AFSP had not bothered to screen applicants against the Terrorist Screening Database until after the foreign nationals had completed flight training, an omission the GAO called a “weakness” in the system.

That security “weakness,” according to the GAO’s Stephen Lord, means that “foreign nationals obtaining flight training with the intent to do harm…could have already obtained the training needed to operate an aircraft before they received any type of vetting.

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Instructing Border Patrol agents to “run away and hide” when confronted by gunmen perfectly reflects the Obama administration’s dismissive attitude to those who put their lives on the line protecting the nation’s borders.

When a band of knights encounter a murderous rabbit in the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, their immediate response is to hurriedly flee the carnage, screaming in unison, “Run away! Run away!”

Now in a case of life imitating comedic art, the Obama administration is instructing Border Patrol agents to “run away and hide” when confronted by an “active shooter,” an armed individual opening fire in public places.

The new “run-and-hide” directive for agents in US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) was issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the form of a mandatory computer training course on the proper protocol to be used when confronted by active shooters.

That appropriate conduct, outlined in an hour-long video entitled “IS-907- Active Shooter: What You Can Do,” consists of three specific options available to Border Patrol agents: Evacuate, Hide Out, and, if that fails, Take Action.

Unfortunately, the DHS definition of “taking action,” according to Border Patrol union officials, is to “act aggressively and throw things at the shooter,” a plan that could prove unworkable given that the DHS did not specify what thrown objects would prove adequate in stopping a hail of gunfire.

Nevertheless, if the gunman is not subdued by an avalanche of tossed shoes, belts, or badges, the DHS then advise the Border Patrol agents to “call law enforcement and wait for their arrival,” a somewhat puzzling directive given those Border Patrol agents are under the impression they themselves are armed law enforcement professionals.

After all, these Border Patrol agents spend 12 weeks training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in New Mexico, where they are instructed in such things as criminal law, immigration law, arrest techniques, self defense, and firearms.

Yet, despite being assigned upon graduation from FLETC a semi-automatic pistol, a fully automatic assault rifle or a shotgun to carry out their duties, the Obama administration apparently believes them insufficiently prepared to utilize those weapons and that training in taking down a crazed gunman firing on innocent civilians.

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The FBI’s investigation of over 100 suspected Islamists serving within the US military highlights the growing threat these undercover jihadists pose to American troops, their families and their military communities.

The FBI’s investigation of over 100 suspected Islamists serving within the US military highlights the growing threat these undercover jihadists pose to American troops, their families and their military communities.

That growing Islamist danger, according to the FBI, comes from an array of active and reserve military personnel as well as individuals who have work or dependent access to military facilities, such as family members and civilian employees.

Moreover, of the 100 investigative cases, the FBI disclosed that a dozen of them are grave enough to be deemed “insider threats,” which it defines as someone planning a terrorist attack on a military base or is in contact with outside individuals who are exhorting them to wage jihad.

The news of the FBI investigations, which has only now become public, was first revealed in a closed session of a House-Senate Committee hearing in December 2011, a hearing that centered on investigating possible threats to military communities inside the United States.

While civilian targets may provide an easier objective for jihadists, military targets provide them an equally palatable choice.

As Republican Representative Peter King, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has said, military service members are “symbols of America’s power, symbols of America’s might. And if they (military personnel) can be killed, then that is a great propaganda victory for al-Qaeda.”

While some may dismiss the number of potential jihadists being investigated by the FBI as a miniscule percentage of the millions serving in the military, others, like Senator Joseph Lieberman, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, note, “the reality is it only took one man, Nidal Hasan, to kill 13 people at Fort Hood and injure a lot more.”

Unfortunately, since the shooting spree launched by Major Hasan in November 2009 on soldiers in Fort Hood’s processing center — an act which many consider the most serious terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 — the number of terrorist plots by homegrown Islamists targeting the military has grown significantly.

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