Dem Caught Red-Handed Promoting Election Fraud

Frank Crimi in FrontPage

The Democrat Party’s corruptive efforts to weaken voter id laws include a Democrat congressman’s son caught on film committing election fraud.

The Democratic Party’s categorical opposition to fair elections has just hit a new, but unsurprising, low. A high-ranking official with Congressman Jim Moran’s re-election campaign was recently caught on video encouraging an undercover reporter to forge documents in order to cast phony ballots in the upcoming Virginia election. The incident is particularly compromising for Congressman Moran, as he has been a vocal opponent of the state’s voter ID law, which is designed to protect against voter fraud. More hypocritically, Moran had been previously caught on film demanding that constituents show their IDs at a local town hall meeting.

Patrick Moran, son of Democratic Virginia Congressman Jim Moran and field director of the congressman’s reelection campaign, was forced to resign after the video was made public. Moran’s transgression was captured in a conversation he had on video with an undercover investigative reporter with Project Veritas, a conservative nonprofit group investigating election fraud in the United States.

The undercover reporter had approached Moran, asking him how he could cast votes on behalf of nearly 100 Virginia residents he knew were registered but who weren’t planning to vote in the upcoming election.

Virginia voter ID law, which does not require photo identification, instead allows voters to cast ballots by providing substitute documents, such as paychecks, library cards, utility bills, and bank statements.

Yet, despite the fraudulent request, Moran counseled the reporter that while there would be “a lot of voter protection” at the polling places to enforce the ID laws, the plan would work if he produced a “utility bill or bank statement…Bank statement would obviously be tough…but faking a utility bill would be easy enough,” adding, “You’d have to forge it.”

Moreover, Moran was also quick to advise that if a problem arose at a polling place, the reporter needn’t worry because his back would be covered by “an Obama for America lawyer, or another Democrat lawyer…on hand to provide help…You’ll have somebody in house, that if they feel that what you have is legitimate, they’ll argue for you.”

Of course, that advice comes as little surprise as the Department of Justice has been working overtime the last several years to strike down or delay from taking effect newly passed state voter ID laws, even though the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of such laws since 2008.

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