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Kim Jong-un and the Crazy Kingdom He Leads

March 17, 2017 Kim Jong-un and the Crazy Kingdom He Leads By Frank Crimi As frustration mounts over North Korea’s expanding nuclear arsenal, the despotic regime’s latest series of provocations may have placed its demented leader Kim-Jong-un squarely in the crosshairs of Allied retaliation. Concerns over the North Korean dictator began to percolate in February, when, in a scene lifted out of a James Bond movie, he had his half-brother Kim Jong-nam assassinated in public view at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Airport by two women who rubbed his unsuspecting face with a highly toxic VX nerve agent. While it’s still unclear what transgression his cross-bred relation committed to spark the ordered hit, the bar for indiscriminate killing has been set pretty low ever since Kim Jong-un assumed hereditary control of the Hermit Kingdom in 2011. To that end, North Korea’s supreme leader has ordered the termination of scores of government officials for committing such damaging state crimes as dining illegally, insufficient funeral grieving, and detrimental “alternative dreaming.”  While on the surface those types of misdeeds might be considered by any sentient

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Emptying the Barbarian’s Playbook

March 12, 2017 Emptying the Barbarian Playbook By Frank Crimi  As ISIS empties a barbaric playbook of chemical attacks, child suicide bombers, and human shields in a desperate attempt to hold onto Mosul, it may also be adding cannibalism to this poisonous script. The root of the Islamic State’s maniacal desperation stems from a tightening noose being pulled on by Iraq military forces as they attempt to wrest control of the northwestern Iraqi city. In an offensive begun last October, the five-month-long battle has turned the once entrenched citadel of ISIS control into a modern-day version of Stalingrad, with two highly armed opponents engaged in fierce, bloody street fighting. ISIS appears to be playing the role of the German army as the U.S.-backed Iraqi troops have dealt a series of devastating blows, leaving a remnant of 2,000 unyielding Islamic State fighters, along with several hundred foreign jihadist allies, holed up in the western half of the city.  With its caliphate metropolis on the verge of collapse, it’s all hands on deck for the sociopathic Islamists, leading them to take any

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Hospitalization suspends book tour

Hospitalization suspends book tour Despite being derailed by interview cancellations and a brief stint in jail, I was able to get the divine roosters & angry clowns book tour back on track with a recent stop in Prescott, Arizona, at the Southwest Prepare or Die Expo. Initially I had misgivings about attending the survivalist convention, a three-day event that featured vendors, expert presentations and networking for those interested in surviving Doomsday. Specifically, I was uncertain how my humorous novel about a group of quirky strangers surviving a calamitous solar storm would play with people who tended to find nothing funny about apocalyptic events. My concerns however were dismissed by my publicist Butch Whistles who had arranged the promotional appearance. Butch believed talk about my book would serve as a light hearted, off beat counterbalance to the event’s all doom and gloom agenda. Listening to Butch, I had to give him credit. He was definitely thinking outside the marketing box, creativity that seemed to bear fruit almost from the moment I was greeted by Zena Goines, the exposition’s event coordinator. Zena,

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